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Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde

We had a lot of different opinions on this book. It's in the far future, in Wales, and everything is based on color. The colors are hierarchical and affect everything. Our protagonist is temporarily in an outer village where he sees things that he hadn't in his city. This village has a lot of Greys, who are servants, but used like slaves. Parents get to arrange marriages without any discussion of it with their child.

In fact, until I got to a part where it said the group we read the most of were 20, I thought they were children. From a few very small remarks, I thought that the color collective is an experiment. Some of the guys thought they were some form of androids (one of our new people insisted they were Borg). There's a lot of mysteries in it and theoretically, there will be two more books. We discussed that the way this book moved, it's entirely possible that both other books will be published and all the mysteries will remain.

I didn't get at all interested in this book and was just reading it because it was our book for the month until about a fifth through where we meet a librarian. Then I was more pleased to read it.

Not only did we have different opinions on the book, we had a lot of varied assessment of good or bad. I'd recommend you read a bit of Fforde's website to decide whether you want to read it or not.
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