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Heading for Normal Sleep, I Hope

Friday night I was online a long while because I'd missed a day of reading and posting -- I'll have that tonight, too. I ended up going to sleep at 1am with the alarm set for 4am. I planned to finish the book at 8am and then sleep until noon. I finished the book at 8:30am, and then came out to check the weather and ended up online so long that I just stayed up making Monday's grocery list, marking the TV Week, and piling the papers properly.

We had 15 people in bookgroup, which is great. I don't know if it's a record, but we certainly haven't had that many recently. Unfortunately, two were new and both were a bit ... odd. I'd be happy for one to come back, but the other is almost impossible to deal with. He talks constantly and doesn't actually know what he's talking about. He did mention that he takes mental health pills, but I don't think they're working well.

Ten of us went to Lin's China Bistro and had a great time, along with great food. The server was a little slower with us than usual, but within 15 minutes after we got there, 30 more people arrived.

One couple has a son who has his learner's permit and they let him drive. I was just behind them and after we got to the restaurant, I pulled him aside and mentioned some problems. The two big ones were that he was too close to cars in front of him -- he had to stomp on his brakes a few times -- and four times he swooped over the right line -- good thing it was paved -- and that usually happens when the driver turns their head to talk to others.

We can watch the Hugo Awards Ceremony tonight at 11pm Eastern.
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