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I Think the Doctor Will Have to Talk About Sleep

Of course, I don't have a primary doctor now, but one is supposed to show up soon. lizzibabe and I had a good dinner, but one of the staff gave us the wrong bags. I just put my bag in the fridge and read last Friday's paper. I went to bed to read at midnight and came out to watch the early news at 6am and read the front pages of the sections and put them in order. Spirit vomited, just fluid, but it took long enough to wash & dry her bed cover that I read Saturday's paper and was just going to bed at noon. I was hungry before noon and pulled out the food to spread on a plate and realized it wasn't mine. I considered trading with her tomorrow at bookgroup, but it's not good to keep food that long, so I went ahead and ate it.

I woke up a bit before 9pm when the phone tweedled. I picked it up and it said I'd missed a call from lizzibabe so I called and then the phone stopped. I realized it needed to be plugged in (second time since I've had it) and it took me a while with the book to find out how to use the phone while it was plugged in.

I've been up with "breakfast" for the cats and online since, and now I am really sleepy again. I was planning on going to sleep about 2am so I could finish the book, but I may need to go now and finish the book. Or sleep and set the alarm to finish the book partway through the night. I need to finish setting up the totebags for tomorrow, too.
Tags: bookgroup, nap, new doctor, phone charged, reading, too sleepy

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