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Another Long Sleeping Period

The last post says I woke up in my bed at 9am on Tuesday (9/16) and the thing is, I was still awake at 9am Wednesday. I read a lot in the book and did a lot of things around the house, but by noon yesterday, I was finally sleepy. The problem was that I was meeting lizzibabe at 7:30pm for dinner and when I did wake up it was dark outside and I thought "oh no" and then I looked at the clock and thought "oh dear" because it was 7:55pm. I'd set the alarm for 5pm and slept right through it. She'd told me she was having some problems with her phone, so I rushed out here and emailed her and then went back and started taking "morning" meds. I got a call from her and we decided to have dinner tonight.

I gave the cats breakfast and started reading last week's Thursday paper and only a few pages in, I started sleeping. So I went back to bed at 9pm and set the alarm for 5pm today. I actually woke up when the big cats food machine delivered at 3am and read more of the book, coming out at 6am to watch the early news and finish last Thursday's paper after which I read the front pages of today's paper and put it at the bottom of the pile. I did more things around the house and then got online. I'm still having trouble with toys the cats like (all balls so far) and that won't go under the bedroom furniture, so when I got a special offer from Petsmart, I spent a lot of time deciding what to buy. Seven ball types will show up Monday or so and I'll try them one at a time. I really liked the look of one toy, but I noticed the rating was two of five so I looked at them and it turns out their cats like it, but it breaks in a month or so. I didn't get that one.

In today's WashPost, Mike Dirda (SFF fan as well as Pulitzer Prize winner) reviewed Kathleen Ann Goonan's new book This Shared Dream. He thinks it's "excellent" and says it's a sequel to In War Times so I guess I'll have to see about getting both.

In last week's WashPost, Mike reviewed Becoming Ray Bradbury, which is a history of his early life.

The WashPost Food section had two special sections last week: Canning, Pickles, Chutney and Hops in Beer

And finally, an article on how China has had lots of people dead and poisoned because of additions to food. Sometimes the farmers don't know the addition is damaging, sometimes they don't care.
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