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I'm about to go to bed and I'll do my regular online stuff when I get up. Spirit hadn't had anything to eat or drink for a couple of days and then at 4am this morning, she couldn't stand up. I called the ER vet to tell them I was coming and that they had a file for her.

I had to put her in the little carrier and then slide it so the front was at the top into the rolling cart. I felt bad, but there wasn't anything else I could do. She yelled all the way over, but quieted down when I got her inside. I gave the clerk all the info and then the vet ER turned out to be one of my former neighbors and we talked about that for a couple minutes.

I gave him history as well as the recent stuff and he said she weighed 5.1 pounds when she should have been 6 pounds and he said he'd like to run some labs. I said of course, and I sat and talked with the clerk for a while. I should have brought last Tuesday's paper!

When he brought me the lab graphs, he showed me that the chem 7 was fine (I was worried she'd have renal disease, but that's okay) but all the 'cytes were up. He's pretty sure she has an infection, probably her bladder. So she got a batch of sub-q fluid and he brought me antibiotics to give her one a day and then bring her in for more labs next week. Well, I saw it was baytril and I told him about how I turned purple with the human version. He said he had another customer who had sneezed too much to breath when she gave her pet baytril, so I have to use gloves and a mask to give them to Spirit. I have those for other cat medical stuff.

When we got home, I held her in my right arm and petted her for about 30 minutes and she purred but then went to sleep. I put her in the bed and headed off for the grocery. She's still fine, so I'm going to sleep in the duvet in case she needs me.
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