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More and More Sleepy

Saturday's and part of Sunday's papers came while I was online and when I finished, I got offline and positioned them properly (almost a week's worth of papers) and then made a grocery list. I headed down to bed and read until 9am and then slept until 8pm. I wasn't planning to sleep that long -- I'd slept in the recliner for hours -- but I was very sleepy and still am.

Spirit has eaten small amounts of her food and water and delivered small bits to her litterbox. I'm going to watch carefully at least another day to decide what to do. She's alternating how she responds to me and the big kitties and I don't know why.

I've got laundry going and I hope to get at least half of last Sunday's paper finished. I'm sleepy over here, but when I was in the recliner I put my BP machine on and slept in the 30 seconds or so that the machine ran. The beep beep woke me up.

The Indiana State Fair had Sugarland set up to perform, but massive winds hit the stage and made it fall. There's been four dead (WP says three, CNN says four) so far, but they haven't gotten to all the people who are under the stage.
Tags: indiana state fair stage fell and at lea, laundry, reading, sleeping, sleepy, spirit eaten & delivered but skinny

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