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Marilee J. Layman

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01:24 am: Sleeping in the Recliner, Spirit and me

Since I got up at 7pm Thursday night, I thought I'd try to get a lot of things done early and come back to sleep at noon. I read Friday's paper but then got really sleepy and went to bed. I was so sleepy, I didn't even try to read the book. Loki and Junie still wanted balls, so I gave them each one. Junie lost her yellow one almost immediately but then Loki pushed his green one toward her, which took her about two minutes to lose. When I went into the workroom a few minutes ago, I found a purple one from Wednesday. I did sleep, but it felt like I was awake as much as asleep, alternating. I got up at 1pm and then got things ready to go out.

I pulled the rolling cart out twice -- the first was trash and recycling, the second cardboard -- and went by a couple of folks I know on the way up to my dumpster so I chatted about 10 minutes. Then to the transfer station to put the cardboard into that dumpster. Some of the Canada geese were in the shade, but a lot of them had their bills down under the green scum on the pond. I headed down to get the repeat labs and had to stop and sit on the way through the clinic and back. Too much walking today.

Then, since I was close and could see they weren't busy, I tried Cafe Rio. It turns out that most of their places are west, starting in Colorado. There's only the one here and one in Maryland on this side of the country. One of the reasons I went was to see if it would be good for dinner after bookgroup, and I'm leaning both directions. Good things: you walk down a counter and tell people to put stuff in your meal, so someone who can't have something still gets to eat, the food was really good, and they have four kinds of tea, including traditional Chinese black tea. Bad things: It's amazingly loud (I got there a bit after 4pm and they had a loud "Cafe Rio Radio Show" playing. When more people came, that decreased), so I had to be loud to tell them what I wanted, and the layout was so bad that I saw three families look in, around, and leave. I did the same thing, but who seemed like the manager came over and I told him I'd never been there before, so he walked me through the place where the menu was before you get to the beginning of the line. They should have someone stand there to point people to the right place (this used to be a Blockbuster, but I don't think that made a lot of problems). Apparently, there's only one restroom per gender and there were lines. So since we go at 5pm on Saturday, it might not be the right place. The customers were of all ages and types of groups, and that's good.

I went to the grocery to pick up Junie's meds. I was worried about Spirit on my way out -- she would only come sit on my lap for a few minutes. But when I came back, she'd eaten and had water (I marked both pyrex with a sharpie) and came up to my lap while I went through the mail. I told her I'd be right back -- I went down to take my jewelry and shoes off -- and we slept in the recliner from 5:45pm to 10:30pm. When she got her way under the duvet and found her spot, she purred very loud. After some time she wanted out to curl up on top, which is normal. But then, I couldn't figure out if she wanted to be somewhere else on me (she was putting her paw out on my blouse) or for me to help her get off. I needed to use the bathroom, so she didn't get much of a choice. I hope she comes to sit on me again later.

The WashPost had a review of Millennium People, by late British novelist J.G. Ballard. The first sentence is A social satirist who often adopted the guise of a science fiction writer, J.G. Ballard wrote the sort of books Kurt Vonnegut would have written if Vonnegut had not been such a nice guy and the end is Millennium People amuses and entertains, but it doesn’t resonate or disturb.

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Date:August 13th, 2011 02:06 pm (UTC)
I keep thinking I should use some of my free time to start a book club at the library here, but whenever I do, it doesn't seem like I can count on having that time.
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Date:August 13th, 2011 02:07 pm (UTC)
When I think about it, that is — not when I actually do it, because I haven't done.
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Date:August 14th, 2011 01:53 am (UTC)
Ours are actually part of the library's services. That limits us a bit because so many media SF are in the library now, but we can do a book if there's at least one copy in the library.

We're the only group that goes out to dinner afterwards. I went to that other group to talk about The Help and mentioned our dinner and everybody was surprised. They were at a time and day that would be difficult, so they couldn't, but we might have brought food into the community room if we had that time.

Our group is just a lot more lively and more friendly. We talk to each other about other things, laugh, and bring people right into the group. I truly believe this is because we're fans.
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