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Earlier Than Recently

I got here about two hours earlier than yesterday, so I hope that continues. I got all the paper I didn't need shredded and I'll take them to the trash tomorrow. I did get offline late enough that I read Thursday's paper until about 6am and brought in this week's Thursday paper. I got to bed to read the bookgroup book and didn't quite make it through the first few pages, so I went to sleep at 7am and set the alarm for 1pm, planning to have more time up. I actually got up at 3:30pm.

I fixed the rotary switch as I've been planning for months. But I didn't put the new one on, because when I had both of them open, they were exactly the same in general (one needed a philips screwdriver and one a straight screwdriver). So I just rebuilt the old one and the hanging lamp goes on and off properly. I did find that the Ott light I've been using is much brighter, so I may continue to use that for reading in bed.

Spirit hasn't vomited in the last two days, but her dry food dish is full and she hadn't pooped, either. I was pleased to see some poop in her litter box today and hope there will be a good bit of it when I scoop the boxes.

I wanted to buy a few fancy claw clips from the place that sent me the good clips -- I sent one back to Amazon and kept the other because I've paid for that one -- and he told me to just go ahead (it looks a bit like it's wholesale). I did that last night, but the web needs some more work: the compare list, which is what you add to the buy list from, only puts up the color of a clip that's in the picture instead of the colors you can pop-up. Plus, no matter the color, none of the Add to Cart buttons worked. He told me to just email with what I want, but I think I'll do that tomorrow.

I was looking in my pictures online and found this cool drawing from kip_w, I'm still laughing.

The WashPost has three columnists who handle the states and DC. Our column is called NoVa and the columnist is working on the second part of an article from three years ago. In that one, the father of a PFC wanted help from the newspaper because he had heard his son was killed in Iraq by his lieutenant (read the lower article). Now, the Army says nothing went wrong and the columnist has read an amazing amount of papers to find that other people died and the lieutenant left three others to die while he dashed for a helicopter. The lieutenant was also promoted to captain, even though the bullets that killed those four soldiers turned out to be NATO and to match the lieutenant's ballistics. Now, the father has seen videos of what happened and three generals have come to the house to say nothing was wrong. The columnist will continue to cover this friendly fire death.

This is a fascinating obituary of Jonathon B. Tucker, 56, who did a lot on bio-weapons. He was nudged more and more away because people didn't want to believe in bio-weapons. Tucker's reason of death hasn't been found yet, and maybe we won't know.
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