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Doing Laundry All Day and Night

I went to bed without reading the paper again, but I did finish the book, and saw a bit of the early news while I read the first pages of Monday's paper. I'm ready to start last week's Wednesday paper. I slept well, but late and didn't get up until 3:45pm. After I fed the cats, I was confused and thought it was Tuesday and I didn't have the paper. So I opened the door and looked and found a giant box, but no newspaper. I booted the computer up and found out it was Monday and I had that paper.

The big box was too big for what was in it, but it had those inflatable things to make up the difference. I really like my rolling collapsing cart, but that brand isn't made anymore. I've know this for about two years and looked at the Amazon reviews for similar things, and none were good. Then when I got a catalog that had it on sale, I went ahead and bought it -- delivered free. It works just like my existing one, but it's heavier, and has a top that can be stored on one side. For the time being, I'll put it in the hall closet.

Spirit is usually quick to come sit on me as soon as I sit in the recliner in the morning, but today she just had plaintive cries. I put my hand in and found a wet spot, so I got a big towel, pulled the bed out from the open side, eased her out, and saw that there was red tissue in little bits on a wet place. It doesn't smell of anything, but I'm going to have to keep watching. I put the towel on, took the cover to the washer, and she got back in and was asleep when I meanly put the cover back on her bed.

I cleaned her litter box and swept under and around the table the box is on, and then started in the laundry with her cat bed cover, two batches of my clothes, one cat blankie with two bathroom towels, four cat towels, and finally, the kitchen towels right now. I'm having another day where I keep looking things up and find myself following down a lot of tentacles. For example, here's a very cool crayon chart from the beginning. I changed my Netflix membership to just one DVD at a time, because I've never streamed and I'm not going to pay for it. My endocrinologist wanted more info on my multivitamins, and I found a URL that was just like the back of the bottle.

I got a letter Saturday from my primary doctor saying she's leaving internal medicine (which could mean a lot of things, but it doesn't say she's leaving Kaiser), and they're looking for someone to take her place. Her staff will stay with the new person but I can pick someone else, etc. But then I got to this part: "I do understand that your choice of who your personal physician will be is important and personal to you." (This is clearly done the way I made a lot of money between 1980-83 -- teaching support staff how to make what looked like personal mail by sending data from the mainframes to the standalone computers. Of course, this one was all done on a single computer.) Well, the thing is, I didn't choose her as my primary. The primary I had and liked was going to another clinic, and I knew that. However, he went while I was in the hospital for March 2009, and the clinic gave me her. She's a lot better than some of the primaries I've had, although not as good as some.

I have to read some paper after LJ because I haven't had the rehydration drink yet.
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