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Bad LJ Again!

I have no memory of Thursday night (now you see why I do this)*, but I did get close to the end of the book. I got up at 2pm on Friday and finished reading Sunday's paper. A neighbor called -- she's bipolar, has cancer, and is a cat lady -- for a ride to the ER. She was having some problems and her boyfriend was out of town until later. I took her there and stayed until the doctors said it was one of her medications and she would have to stay while they tried some changes. Her boyfriend came in about 5pm and I make sure things were okay, the boyfriend had my phone number, and came home.

It was lovely weather, but not cool enough to open the window. I started through my process online and when I got to this point, LJ wouldn't come up again. So I played my solitaire and when I got offline, read Monday's and part of Tuesday's paper.

I went to bed at 2am and got very close to the end of the book. I'd wanted to finish last night, but I'll get there tonight. At a point where I needed to use the bathroom, I put on more concealments and got today's paper as well as half of tomorrow's. I marked the TV Week and made the grocery list, and then went back to bed, getting up today at 4:45pm. When I sat up on the bed, I was dizzy. I've been mildly dizzy all day, for no reason I can see, and it wasn't dizzy enough to stay home.

I went to the ATM to get money for next week (probably Thursday for the 80s this week so I won't spend much of it) and then went to get groceries. I got mail on the way in and then put almost everything in the fridge, leaving the litter (to fill Spirit's litterbox after I clean it, tomorrow, I plan) in the cart in the foyer.

In the mail was a box from the company that sent that claw clip with intact mother-of-pearl flowers to Amazon, who send them not only broken, but someone in between is gluing them poorly and then sending them poorly. Both claws are in perfect condition and I'm going to use the same box to send one back to Amazon (the second return). I'm going to have to write the entire history and put it in, since the claw is perfect.

*Oh, I remember making crochet/polyfil balls for the cats, and they played for about five minutes and haven't since. I did make them big -- 2" and 1.75" -- so that may be the problem. I can always take them apart and try a different size.

The Chileans caught in a mine have now been out for a year and most have health problems and are poor.

Remember Carhart, the doctor practicing late-term abortion in Maryland? Well, both sides are protesting against each other and a local church "two women — one 18 weeks pregnant and one 23 weeks pregnant — received ultrasound exams that were projected on a 20-by-20-foot screen in the parking lot".

The WashPost reviewer of Dan Simmons' Flashback didn't like it very much. The end of the review is: "I thought his dystopian vision of political reality, however deeply felt, vacillated between the improbable and the ridiculous. Give him this: With any luck, Simmons could be the Tolstoy of the tea party; at the very least, he’s more fun than Ayn Rand".

When I went to Lin's on Wednesday, I brought the fortune home: Happiness lies in good health and a bad memory. Hmmm
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