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In the 80s!

After I was online, I read about a third of Sunday's paper and then went to bed at midnight. I set the alarm for 12:30pm, thinking I'd read a couple hours or so, but it was closer to 20 minutes. The nephrology nurse called me twice this morning: 1) one of the tests from yesterday's labs was better, but one was bad -- how much was I taking?, and 2) after I slept a bit, she called again to tell me to email the endocrinologist and see about decreasing the calcium, since it was too high, and to redo those next week. I thought I'd sleep more, but after 15 minutes awake, I read for a bit. Then I got out here just in time to watch the end of the midday news and read another third of Sunday's paper. I booted the computer up to email the endocrinologist.

After my regular getting up and feeding the cats, I went to the Safeway in Bristow to see if they had the big cat balls. They didn't, but they did have balls larger than most of what I have. They're "foam" -- more like rubber -- but they weren't expensive, so I bought them. Neither of the big cats like them.

I stopped at Lin's China Bistro on the way back and had great food -- spring rolls & panang curry. I had to bring more than half of the curry home because there was a lot of chicken in it. One of the things I like about this restaurant is that if you face the back of the restaurant, you get to look at horses that partly stick out of the metal wall. They're running on sort of a swamp and there's clouds up on top. Asian letters, too, but I can't read those. If you face the front, you get to look at the giant pretend tree. Actually, you can see both here. It was in the 80s today, which is great, but it was humid and I was a bit damp.

I had a book and yarn in the big cluster box plus nothing to keep in my regular cluster box, but those plus the curry were hard to carry in, and suddenly, I was really tired. I rested in the recliner and then opened everything up and put them away or in the mixed paper recycling basket. I've been online except taking about 30 minutes to completely empty the big kitties' litterbox, wash it, dry it, and put two boxes of litter in. In a little bit, I'll just scoop Spirit's box and get more litter when I get groceries. In my email I had a couple questions from the endocrinologist, so I answered that and will probably get a response tomorrow.
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