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Really, Time to Change Schedules

I made lots of errors last night, so they'll be in bold.

I never went to bed Monday night, it was Tuesday morning and I got up that night at 10:30pm so I could find out if the debt thing was taken care of. I've been up since.

I saw the rheumatologist this morning, and she said the pale green color of those ganglion cysts were because they were pushed up again the skin, skin thinner than the others, which look light normal-skin color. She did, however, want me to retake a lab from last week (the nephrologist had emailed and asked me to retake one, so she figured she'd just add it on), so I went from there to my clinic and Chelle took the blood, leaving a hole smaller than that by a cat claw.

I stopped by Bob Evans and I have to make some turns off a main road to get there and at one point, it was good that I wanted to turn than to go straight to the state route because there was a large batch of Canada Gooses blocking the way. On my way out, they were nibbling in the Arby's parking lot. At Bob Evans, I decided I'd go along with the time and have the Sausage Gravy Breakfast. I didn't finish it, of course, but the taste is really wonderful.

There were a couple other things than the geese that were weird. Soon after I was in, the manager seated a man who was clearly a regular and when the man asked about the re-enactment, the manager told him everything wrong. I briefly considered correcting him, but decided it wasn't worth it. Then a couple of young men came in and were seated at a table perpendicular to mine, by the window, and one of the guys looked at me constantly, even when he talked to his friend.

I came home and got the mail plus an order from Petsmart -- more pill pockets, treats, and a really large plush ball. It also came with new crunchy brown paper, so I folded up the ragged earlier papers, put down the new one, and Loki has been spending a lot of time there.

A drought in Texas displayed a sphere in the mud and it turned out to be a fuel tank from Columbia. I happen to be wearing my shuttle earrings today.

Cakewrecks shows us a Cthulhu Baby cake.

While I was on my way to the appointment this morning, there was a woman in a big SUV who was very aggressive in her driving. Nevertheless, she was always within a car of me until I turned off onto I-66. I saw a bumpersticker on her back window and couldn't read it until we were at a stoplight, and here it is. While I was searching for that, I found a list of other versions.

The WashPost has an article that is not quite calling anime cons pervert cons.

An interesting article about the man who edits the AP Stylebook.
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