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More Weird Sleeping

Saturday night/Sunday morning, I was up reading at 4am and realized that if I stayed up until 6am, I could get money from the ATM, get groceries (and points above 400), and get gas for $.40 off a gallon. I did that and when I came home, I was online a bit, but not on blogs and LJ and so forth, then I read more of the papers, and then went to bed. I read a little of the book, but I was really sleepy and I ended up asleep about 12:30pm. I woke up at 7:30am (19 hours) today and read more of the book, since I'm not getting very far in it, then had lunch at Ruby Tuesday's with a 25% off coupon, and then came home, finished the Thursday paper, and have been online since 2pm. I'm going to try to get up about that early for the next few days at least. I'm seeing the weather sites saying different things -- one says all 90s for another week, another says Thursday will be in the 80s, and the last says it will be in the 80s for Thursday and Friday. I hope they get more equal as the week goes on.

I have ganglion cysts (arthritis) on almost all my fingers, but the two on my right little finger have turned pale green over the last week. I can't find anything about green ganglion cysts on google. I emailed my rheumatologist, who was off until Wednesday. Her nurse responded that the other rheumatologist would email me, which she did, and she said I should call and get a close appointment. I did that and have an 8:30am appointment on Wednesday. Normally I'd ask for afternoon, but it will be too hot this week. So I really need to work at getting up early.

Gabby Giffords was back in the House tonight! And she voted! (video)

A letter to the editor about General Shali by a person who worked for him.

And speaking of atheism, an article on an atheist camp near where I live.

If you can handle looking at it, this is a video where the mate of a car-struck cat looks like he's giving her CPR.
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