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Could I Sleep/Wake Strangely Again?

When I got offline Thursday night, I started reading Sunday's paper and doing a lot of little things around the house. At 6am, when I was thinking of going to sleep, I realized that if I stayed up until 9am, I could check the mail and see if my check was there. I lay down on the bed and read the book until 8:45am and then drove out to check the mail. The check was there, so I headed off to the drive-up at the credit union. My phone, that gets its day and time from T-Mobile automatically, said it was 9:03, but the lights were red. Just as I parked facing the lights, they went green. Two other cars just dashed in, leaving me the line next to the building. I don't know why people don't like that one. I saw the outdoor temp on a sign on the way home: 88F at 9:10am. Argh.

I brought the mail in, went through it, read more of Sunday's paper, and set up Friday's paper. I decided to go read more of the book and was nodding off every second or so and just gave up at 3pm (awake for 18 hours). I came out to set the VCR to watch the news, thinking I'd watch it later last night, but I woke up today a bit earlier than 8am (17 hours sleep) and came out to set up part of Sunday's paper, all of today's paper (reading the front pages), and made the grocery list, and mark the TV Week. I finished last week's Sunday paper and got halfway through Monday's paper while I watched Friday's news. It turns out that Manassas was 102 yesterday, with heat index 113. I'm just as happy I was asleep. It's so hot these days that the cold water in the sinks is warmer than air temperature. I had some pizza and have had about five tumblers of iced tea. I hope to got to the grocery tomorrow, and I could go before noon or after 7pm, according to right now. I'd have to look later, though, the temps change.

I was going to put up a link to a WashPost column about how slavery caused the Civil War, but Charlie's Diary turned out to have more information.

A long and interesting article on the abortion doctor who has a clinic in Maryland and comes from Nebraska to work there. There are too many states that, in effect, won't allow abortions at all.

How Borders Died.

A fascinating article on how some religious people linked to political people, with the deal that the politicos will help religion, find that they've been cheated. Over many years.

Make soda at home.

Please explain how an "off-site home game" is not an away game.
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