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Long Time No Type

(I actually typed this yesterday evening and then had lots of trouble in LJ). I stayed up until 7am Sunday, reading newspapers and the book, and then went to sleep. I didn't set the alarm because I wanted to sleep a good while so I would be awake 8am Monday. Well, that worked pretty well. I slept from 7am to 9:45pm on Sunday, and the only reason I got up was because my phone deedled for my late meds. This is a problem with this phone -- the old one would turn the alarm off if you pushed the volume button, and you can turn the alarm off on this one right when it's ringing by pushing the volume button. But if you don't work your way through a batch of levels, it will ring again the next day at the same time. You have to go in and change On to Off. I wasn't thinking about that when I went to bed and I might have slept even longer without that alarm.

I read two papers and now have just four to read, although one is a Sunday paper and that will take longer. I had popcorn while I read the first time, so I need to clean the kitchen soon. I was also online between the first and second paper readings and everything was fine until I got to LJ. Firefox kept telling me it couldn't reach LJ, so I checked LJ Status which said it was fine, and everything else I tried came up, so I guess LJ was down and didn't know it.

At 10am I headed out to the library to pick up a book and then went on to get groceries. I was sodden from the moment I left the house and put my hair up on my head in the van (my hair was already wet) and at least I got warmer and dryer when I got home because my hair had been up. I have to eat some frozen things, I've got stuff just barely staying in place. I'm going to stay up as long as I can so I can take trash & recycling out and get stuck tomorrow. Then I don't need to go out again other than at night to get mail. There are too many places that aren't open when it gets down under 90F at night. It works better in the morning.

About halfway down the page, the WashPost is running a countdown so we know when the legislature has completely screwed up.

Mike Dirda reviewed a book that has real people in it -- Asimov, Heinlein, Hubbard, etc. -- and a lot of what they do in it is true -- but the author, Paul Malmont, has added on a lot of other things. The Astounding, the Amazing, and the Unknown, according to Dirda, says that this is one of the books that combines fantasy and history. He doesn't think the book is very good, but his last paragraph is:

Still, if you’re already a fan of any of the writer-heroes of this novel, you’ll probably be irresistibly drawn to “The Astounding, the Amazing, and the Unknown.” And the book does have some good moments. It’s almost worth reading just to arrive at the pronouncement: “Oh my God! . . . You’ve vaporized Isaac Asimov!”

Remember that a lot of employers had their applicant take a personality test? Well, a study has found that the personality test can be determined within 10 points by reading the applicant's Facebook. (Another reason I'm not doing Facebook.)

I'm still reading or scanning the obituaries and death notices and there was one in Thursday's WashPost that made me wonder and then I think I figured it out. It says: Father of and to William Tad Cole, Lisa Lee Wininger, and Pak Byung Kwan. I think this must mean that he (or his wife) wants to differentiate the two children by blood from their child by adoption. That seems rather rude.

And something else I haven't been able to really figure out at all. This is an article about a letter from a civil war soldier who didn't get home. He wrote it because he thought that might be true, and Ken Burns used the letter in his Civil War series. At the bottom it says: Tell my two mothers, his and hers, I call God's blessing on them. What does the two mothers mean?
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