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Stormy Errands

Yesterday at 1pm it was 76F. By 4pm it was 41F. Today it's rained, sleeted, and very briefly, snowed. I had the air conditioning on Wednesday & yesterday, and last night it was so cold I turned the heat back on.

I had three things planned for today and was prepared to stop after each one if the sleet and snow prevailed. I went to the Post Office and dropped off a DVD and mailed a package to Sarah, then went to Kaiser and did labs, and then to TGI Friday's for lunch. They're advertising "Right Size" meals and I thought I'd see just how right size they are. Many of them looked just right, plus had salad or veggies with the meat, but I saw the half-rack baby back ribs and even though they came with onion strings and french fries, I ordered them, plus a side salad. I ate the ribs, onion strings, and salad and used the french fries to hold the bones. I think I'll be eating there more often than usual because I won't have to bring meat home.

There's enough sleet in with the rain that my ramp is frozen (you know -- bridges (and ramps) freeze before highways) so I'm a little nervous about Luke going out and coming back in. He got down the ramp safely, and I'm watching for him to come back. Ah, he's in safely.
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