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Heat Records

I read the rest of Sunday's paper last night and then got a good bit read in bed. I was up at 6am so I watched some of the early morning news and then went to bed at 7am. I set the alarm for 4pm, and I did wake up, but spent 30 minutes thinking.

Just about everywhere from the bottom of Virginia to the top of Massachusetts had record heat today, and it's supposed to be a bit less tomorrow. Now two of the weather sites don't have anything under 90s through 8/1. The third still has high 80s on Tuesday and Wednesday. The weather guy just said we're going back to Code Orange (been Code Red for a couple days); that will be better for a lot of people. I'll probably go ahead and let my sleep move forward so I can get groceries, check the mail, pick up a book at the library, and get my labs. Probably over two days.

We had about 50K here for the Civil War Sesquicentennial, and some of the events had to be made smaller or let go because of the heat. Even then, about 150 people went to hospitals and about 500 were treated at the sites.

I read Monday's paper before I came over here, and while I was reading Charlie's diary, I had trouble with the words so I went to bed for a couple hours and was fine when I got up. I've got laundry going and the big cats have been watching for something at the ceiling, but they must have better eyes than I do.

General John M. Shalikashvili died of a stroke that he originally had in 2004. I always liked the ways he handled military ideas.
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