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Somewhat Changed Time Planning

I didn't read any papers, but I watched two computer TV shows, and then went to bed at 1am. I figured I'd read until 2am, but I barely got 15 minutes and five pages -- I was way too sleepy. I'd set the alarm for 10am, but Junie kept waking me up and giving me the big sparkle ball to throw (I ordered two more packages of the extra big ones today) so I finally put the ball in the plastic box where the others I know of are. She kept me awake for that, too, rubbing her face against me, rolling over at me, kneading on me, but I didn't give it to her.

When I actually got up at noon, I let her have it then. I started out the laundry with the cat blankies, including the one at the end of the bed. Well, I'd been out here all the time since Junie went back to the bedroom and when I got back there, the big ball was gone. Probably under the arch at the bottom end of the bed. On the other hand, when she insisted on watching me clean up and out a cabinet in the office area, she looked and sniffed at the side of the lower cabinet. Later I got my reacher and indeed, got one of the small purple sparkle balls (put directly in my pocket -- even with losing the big ball, I'll need a bigger box when I move the other furniture in my bedroom).

I've been doing a lot of things like that -- for example, I had an entire drawer full of Microsoft 95 stuff and it all went out. I'm going to have to get a larger bag to take the trash out tomorrow. Since I got up so late and have had enough pain to take another narcotic when I got up and will take another soon so I can drive at 7am, I'll just stay up this time. I can at least get more stuff done.

After I read online, I plan to read at least Friday's paper and maybe Saturday's, Sunday's, Monday's, and Tuesday's, too. I've watched two computer TV shows today and plan to watch another. There's a good chance I'll make it up near 7am, then.

I've always wondered why golfers aren't capable of playing in noise, like lots of other sportspeople do, and here's a more interesting take on it.
Tags: cleaning house, computer tv, junie & two sparkle balls, laundry, reading, sleeping, stupid golfers

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