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13-Hour Nap

Friday ended with finishing Wednesday's paper, reading the book off and on and finally getting it done in the middle of sleeping, and pulling the bottom drawer out of the bed and Junie immediately going in. I was prepared with a reacher. She brought two sparkle balls and I took those from her and put them in the box. I got two Birdies and five more sparkle balls. I can't get completely to the other side, so the last Birdie may be there. I let them each have a sparkle ball while I read, and of course, Junie lost them immediately. When I came out Saturday morning, one was in the living room and I looked in the workroom and found the other. Both went back in the box. Junie and Loki play with the Birdies a bit during the day, but I bet I'll have to give the ones still in their packages to someone.

Yesterday, I had bookgroup and we were larger than usual -- a new guy who knows SF and it looks like he'll come back -- and then nine of us went out to dinner at Marlin & Rays. It's part of the same company as Ruby Tuesday, which was in that building. It's pretty much all seafood and we all really liked ours. I had clam chowder (new england) and bottomless salad (kind of like Olive Garden salad and the constant refilling) and three grilled scallops. If I'd known the chowder was almost all clams, I wouldn't have had the scallops. I decided to try the Key Lime pie, but the dominant flavor was sweet. I barely tasted lime. The menu says it's handmade.

I got home about 7pm, put the things from the tote bag where they go, and then went to bed for a nap. I got up at 8:30am this morning. I did get up twice in the "night" because I was coughing and needed more water, but I was still sleepy and went back to bed.

I now have Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday papers to read so that will take a while. On the other hand, I'll probably be inside at least 10 days. It's scheduled to be at least 90F in that time, plus Friday is forecast as 102F on all sites. Since I was up so early today, I'm going to try to go to bed early and get up early tomorrow to go to the grocery. I plan to do that again until Wednesday so I can take the trash & recycling out.
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