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Nice Weather!

I went to the Lowe's last night before I got offline, picked up my glue, and when I came back, finished online. I watched a computer TV show, and found out that three others didn't have the new episodes yet. I'm going to need a chart for this. Then I read Monday and Tuesday's papers and got to bed at 4:30am. I figured I'd stop and sleep at 6am and set the alarm for 2pm, but I was so sleepy that I went to sleep at 5am. I woke up at 7am and read until 8am and then slept until almost 4pm.

I came out here to boot the computer up before I did anything else, because besides having to make two appointments (only the rheumatology secretary was in, I'll have to make the nephrology appointment tomorrow), I had to call the Account Representative for the condo management company. Yesterday I got a letter from her saying I had delinquent payments and she had an amount that is not my condo fee, it would be the condo fee with a bit more.

So I called her and told her I was seeing all my payments on Quicken and she told me that she had sent the letter on 7/7 and the payment came in on 7/13. I know they only do electronic payments on their side, and I like to have all of mine on my side, so they're getting checks, but I've been pretty sure the online banking was getting them out on time. In any case, I said I'd send them out earlier and she said they'd take away the penalty (the extra money). I also have to add in $.04 because in the last four payments, I was a penny short. I know how that happened, they don't send me notices, so I just use the last one and I probably hit the wrong key at some time.

It was truly beautiful out today -- warm, but not humid -- and I particularly noticed that on the way to Siam Classic, a Thai plus other Asian foods restaurant where I had dinner with lizzibabe. We enjoyed talking, and I let the waitress talk me out of "lots" of heat, but she brought us a spice tray because I was pretty sure it would be too bland at 5. Indeed, the vinegar sauce went well with my lamb curry, and next time I'll ask for 8. Sometimes you have to work them up. I have to go to the restaurant with someone else because I can't go up/down their steps. They're in a semi-historical building -- it wasn't originally an Asian restaurant -- but they can't change the outside.

When I got back, I did more things online and then moved to the recliner to watch Love Bites while I did some beadwork. The problem with computer TV is that there isn't room for handwork.

I'm still looking at the obituaries and the death notices with pictures to see which people say what killed them, and one (who has a much longer death notice in the paper version of The Post) died of chronic kidney disease 33 years after he first had it, at age 15. I was thinking 33 years, that's not so bad. Then I added 33 to 87 and got 2020. That's just nine years -- I'm not so happy now.

Placido Domingo, Jr. left Scientology because they kept trying to make him abandon his ex-wife and kids.
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