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Asimov's August 2011

Williams talks about the Dell Magazines Awards, Silverberg says Earth is the strangest planet, and James Patrick Kelly delivers information about writing.

Silverberg and Swanwick both had stories in this issue, and I read them even though I knew I probably wouldn't like them. I was right.

The stories I liked were:

"Watch Bees" by Philip Brewer -- in the future, bees are more valuable than gold and every farmer needs some.

"Paradise is a Walled Garden" by Lisa Goldstein -- this is a truly great story, I'd like to read more stories in this environment. It's an alternate Earth with spies, different cultures, and danger. The cover picture is clearly meant for this story and is produced in an anime style rather than realistic, which is fine. However, there's a military robot dashing and the leg that is behind him doesn't have the right perspective. Every time I look at it, I wonder how he's dashing with a short leg.
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