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Trapped In The Condo

I'm not exactly trapped -- I could go out now -- but it looks like I'll be in until Thursday (all the weather sites say so). In fact, my upstairs neighbor knocked on my door when she got home and handed me two rather damp (big thunderstorms, yet still 101F tomorrow) boxes that had been put in front of her door. I should probably open my door in the evening and not just when I get the paper.

When I got offline, I read Saturday's paper and then watched two computer TV shows to catch up for last week. By 4am, I went to bed to read and did until 6:30am when I came out to get the paper and watch the last 30 minutes of the early news. I went back to bed and when I didn't go to sleep by 8:30am, I came back out and loaded the big cats food machine, put the two boxes of cat litter I got Saturday (they've been sitting in the rolling cart in the foyer) in the hall closet, and then put everything back in place. Junie brought me two "lost" sparkle balls, and I :::gasp::: put them in the little plastic box. I told her they only get to play with them when I'm reading. Since I hadn't eaten again, I had dinner and the rehydration fluid. When I realized I hadn't had the fluid, I went ahead and started reading Sunday's paper and finished the first two sections when I finished drinking. I was sleepy by then and went to bed and to sleep at 10:30am. I had the alarm set for 3pm, thinking I might be able to get up then, but I ended up sleeping until 7pm.

I fed the cats, read the first pages of today's paper's sections, and started over here. I stopped a bit before 10pm to watch what appears to be the last show of Law & Order: LA, and came back.

Minneapolis has a Somali-American trying to keep young Somali-Americans here and happy rather than going back to Somali as a terrorist. The article is long, but very interesting.

Debris from the Japanese earthquake and tsunami are heading toward the country's west coast. Very nice graphics.

An opinion in the WashPost mentions Ray Bradbury's work and other SF in regard to space.
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