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Another Broken Glass

After I posted last, I moved my right hand toward my glass and knocked it off, too. This one also broke and had lots more glass. I used tape to get as many of the small bits that it would take; I hope I have them all. I have it half-packed in bubblewrap and a box to go out with the next trash. Since then I have been using the Tupperware tumblers I got about three decades ago.

I went to bed and read again just a bit and then went to sleep at 4am. I woke up at 10am, still hurting, but not as bad. I had morning meds (you can't imagine how long it took me to figure out how to set the alarm on the new phone), fed the cats, and read the front pages of today's paper. Suddenly very loud music went on upstairs -- enough that I wanted to talk to her. I knocked and she came to the door. I asked her if she heard my TV and she said no, never. I told her that I could clearly hear her music and she said she would turn it down. I also asked her to stop slamming the door. She was surprised that she was, but it makes me and the cats jump every time. She did turn the music down, but I could hear the bass. Then I finished the Friday paper and at 1:30pm could barely stay awake. When the alarm went off at 3:30pm (I'll have to figure out if I can pick the sound), I got up and started online and had food. The left side of my neck and left arm are still painful, but not as much as before, and the rest of the left side is okay.

I didn't exactly have to read the new phone manual. The two big manuals in the book are half English and half Spanish; one is Warranty and the other is Health and Safety. There was a little quarter-page size "manual" that in 16 pages gives very basic instructions. There are a couple more things I think I'll have to look at their site to figure out. The insurance thingie would be absolutely stupid for me. First, you have to know that the phone cost $30. It's the lowest level currently on sale. So in my level, the insurance is $5/month and $25 deposit for payout. That means that if the phone lasts six months, and there's a problem, it would have been better not to have insurance and just buy a new phone. And if you had an accident in the second month, you'll have paid $30 -- one $5 for the month before, and the $25 deposit. So I'm not getting the insurance.

Obama has appointed a lesbian woman to the West Board Visitors Board. The first time.
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