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Marilee J. Layman

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02:15 am: Lots of Pain, Strange Timing

I've read email and after this am going back to bed. I stayed up Saturday to get to hazmat and then groceries. I got home about 10am and was tired (I'd been up for 19 hours at that point) and read a bit then went to sleep about noon. I had really massive pain, particularly major aching down my left side, so I had to get up a couple times to alternate narcotics and acetaminophen. I woke up today/Sunday at 12:25am and since I hadn't eaten Saturday, or had the replacement fluid, I got up, gave the cats food, got me some food and the drink. I read part of Friday's paper. I would have gone to bed earlier, but Spirit vomited in her bed and I have the cover in the dryer now. I'm going to sleep until I wake up and make that morning and have morning meds.

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