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New Cellphone

I read Wednesday's paper last night then packaged the broken claw clip. I also made a sign for the door asking UPS to "bang loud and wait, please) because I don't walk very fast. I read in bed until 7am and then moved out to sleep with Spirit. I don't enjoy that as much as I used to since now that she's blind, she always puts her claws in me. I also have to direct her or she'll bonk into things.

The UPS guy came at noon and I went back to sleep in the bed with the big kitties. I'd hoped to get up at 2pm, but reset the alarm until 3pm. I took the trash and recycling out then headed for the T-Mobile. Everybody but me, including the staff, was either black or Asian, and about half of them were trying to make deals to get to keep/use their phones without paying their bills.

I told the clerk what had happened with the older phone and she said it was too damaged to do anything with and I told her that I wanted a small phone that I could hold (I showed her how the old one fit in my hand) and that I wanted a flip phone. She showed me an LG and another Samsung and the only real difference was the keys. Since the Samsung was much like my old one, other than apps, I got that. As long as I don't use apps, etc., they won't charge me for them. It's dark blue and heavier than the old one. The clerk moved all my contacts from my old sim card to the new one snd had me go through to make sure they were all there. She suggested insurance and mentioned water, but I just agreed to look at the insurance folder. I can take anything back within 14 days and there shouldn't be a problem. I may have to read the manual instead of Thursday's paper.

I went on to get gas; I had enough points to take $.60 off each gallon -- $3.099 -- and then stopped to have a vanilla cone at Nathan's, hoping the rain wasn't going to start again, which it didn't.

Know where scientists have found a lot of unknown bacteria? Your navel.

It's pretty hot, so the WashPost has a batch of no-cook recipes. Most of them are too hard for me, but I took some notes.
Tags: errands, gas at $3.099, ice cream, navel bacteria, no-cook recipes, packaging, reading, samsung t259, sleeping with loki & junie, sleeping with spirit, t-mobile

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