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Broken Glass

Good grief -- I forgot the glass. While I had all the packages on the end table, I managed to push the glass off and break it. I was very careful and I'm pretty sure I have all the bits to wrap up for trash tomorrow.

I was up online for a good while, watched 2.2 TV shows on the computer (no more Falling Skies), and then started reading Tuesday's paper. I got to bed to read at 1:30am and read until 4am. I planned to just come get the paper, but I also had the early news on and my stomach grumbled and I realized I had only had 320 calories and 28gr of protein, which is not enough. I had a cheese sandwich to make up for that. I didn't get to bed until 8am and got up at 4pm. I've been giving Loki and Junie a sparkle ball each after I get into bed, and invariably, Junie loses hers almost immediately then steals Loki's and loses that a bit later. I pulled the last cat litter box out of the hallway closet to put in the big cats' litter box, and Junie pushed in bringing out a blue and a yellow ball. They weren't there the last time I completely emptied it, there was only one green ball. It looks like she got those two in very fast.

I had seven packages on the stoop when I opened the door -- the pulley thing, 10 DVDs in the format my newer DVD will use, a beautiful handmade piece called the Homage to the Moon -- I saved for four months to buy it, and four clips. When I looked for an additional scissors clip, which turns out to be called a claw clip, I found others I liked. Three of the ones that came today were great, in fact, I wore the pretend Japanese brocade in green to dinner tonight, but one was not only broken (a petal off a mother-of-pearl flower) but another petal was obviously glued on poorly. So I set up the Return stuff and UPS will take it tomorrow. The clip was only in one of those orange-yellow inner-padded mailing bags, no decent packaging, so I'll put it in good packaging and the mailing bag (Amazon asked for that). I still have two more clips to come.

I had one of those Ruby Tuesday coupons and lizzibabe and I went out to dinner. The food was good (got all my calories and protein) and we had a good time talking.

I've been having problems with people hearing me on the phone -- I have to almost yell -- and the sounds for a call and the alarm aren't right. Plus, there's a small black spot on the underside of the inside screen. It looks like mold. The rest of it looks fine, however, I'll go to T-Mobile tomorrow and if they can't fix it, I'll look at the new phones.

DC Metro has had problems with the escalators forever, and they had just repaired three escalators on Tuesday. They were dead again on Wednesday and when the escalators were opened, there were flip flops blocking the engine.
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