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I finished online about 6am this morning and then read Monday's paper. I got to bed at 8am and still had trouble reading because of sleeping. I set the alarm for 4pm and went to sleep at 9am, but when the alarm went off, I just turned it off and woke up at 5:15pm.

I found two of the sparkle balls in cat fur, which is probably why the cats didn't see them out in public. I put those in the box and Junie was so unhappy that she brought me a purple one; I don't know from where. It went into the box, too, because I was going to sleep. She was even more unhappy. When I woke up at one point, she had semi-spooned with Loki (they were roughly straight and she was an inch apart) and was washing his back. He turned his head up and then put it back down.

I ordered some office things from Office Depot and they came today. The scissors I've been using at the recliner are starting to need sharpening and I don't have anything for that (I do have one for my sewing Fiskars, which I kept) so I bought Fiskars. I leaned over to pull the old scissors out of the box on the end table and they wasn't there. I checked down the sides of the recliner and all around and they weren't there. I went on doing other things and then realized that they could be in the newspaper bag. I do sometimes leave the scissors on them when I'm reading part of the paper, so I pulled out Sunday's & Monday's papers and yes, it was in Sunday's. I plan to cut fishing line with it now.

I have some things coming via USPS so I just went out to get the mail (all went to the mixed paper recycling bin) and I saw fireflies on the way out and back in! The moon was beautiful, too.
Tags: cats, fireflies!, fiskars, lost scissors, reading, sleeping, sparkle balls

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