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Recliner with Spirit

I finished Sunday's paper last night and planned to go on to Monday's, but I kept going to sleep. I went to bed to read at 1am and slept so much that I only read 10 pages in an hour and I went ahead to sleep at 2am. I left the alarm set to noon, and even then changed it to 1pm.

I went off to PT and it turns out that most of my rotations in shoulders are about what they were last time, and that I need to just move through minor pain to exercise. The therapist gave me her work number in case I need to talk to her about something and told me to buy something like this. She gave me the company URL, and they have another one like this, a little cheaper, but I've actually used one like this one before. At least 21 years ago -- I can remember the door -- but I don't remember why I used it and I'm pretty sure I don't own it anymore.

The desk thing that turns up when I boot up the computer has an ad and I usually just ignore it, but it had On The Border once, and I looked to their website: they have a location a few blocks from the Kaiser clinic with the PT, and they don't have any near where my brother & his family live. I decided to stop and have lunch. I just downloaded the nutritional info and I had more than 1000 calories and 48 grams of protein. It would be very easy to have something with less protein if I wanted some later.

I came home and got this far before I was very sleepy so I put in a load of laundry and slept from 9pm to a bit after midnight in the recliner with Spirit. She gets so long under the duvet -- you'd think she'd been stretched. When I woke up, I moved the laundry to the dryer and watched the recording of the late news I'd had made.

Gorillas bare their teeth to fight sexism.

James Patterson released two books on the same day last week: one of his thrillers, and one for kids.
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