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Losing Days

I was online a lot longer last night than usual, but I was also doing two loads of laundry and ran the dishwasher. I read Saturday's paper and the first quarter of Sunday's paper, as well as slipping today's paper under the others. I realized that thinking that 10:30pm to 10:30pm was 12 hours was wrong, but it still seems like I can get to a normal day tomorrow. I was very sleepy at 1:30pm and I slept from 1:45pm to 4:45pm and came back out here to watch the news and check up on things that happened since I was here earlier. I had a dream about hiding from my mother -- she couldn't know I was sleeping. The storms are starting as are private fireworks. The city's fireworks start at 9pm.
Tags: fireworks, household, losing days, nap, newspapers, weather

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