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Nothing Much

After I finished solitaire last night, I watched Falling Skies and Memphis Beat on the computer and I had about 10 minutes left when the computer said it was going to run out of power in three minutes. I closed it down, brought it back over here, reconnected, and watched the end of Memphis Beat. I plan to watch Drop Dead Diva, Royal Pains, and the pilot of Necessary Roughness on the computer later tonight as well as read some of the papers.

I brought today's paper in and made the grocery list, putting Friday's paper, Saturday's paper, and part of Sunday's paper in the right order, but not read. I went to bed to read at 6am and went to sleep at 10am, waking up at 6pm. I was pretty sure that while the grocery was open on holidays, the pharmacy was closed, and when I called to refill Junie's meds, there was a new recording at the beginning telling me so. I looked up online and they don't open until 9am, too (the grocery opens at 6am) and I planned to do that today. Then I realized that I would not be awake enough today and I needed to push forward and do it tomorrow. The WashPost & NBC4 all say 90s for the next week, but has days in the 80s in the middle of the next week.

I pulled the secretary and chest of drawers out and got a green sparkle ball from under each, with a yellow under the chest and a purple under the secretary. I gave out the yellow and green first and both got lost, so I gave them the other two and those were lost, too. At one point when I was back up, I found a green one in the entry to the workroom, and one in the utility room. When I held onto the door and leaned over to pick that one up, I saw another green one in the corner under a folded step stool. So those are now in the box to give out tonight. I may pull the loveseat out first. I have a two-page list of things I need to do, including trying to put cardboard at the bottom inside of the bedroom furniture to see if it'll keep the balls out.
Tags: computer tv, reading, sleeping, solitaire, sparkle balls, weather

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