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Moving Time

As you can see below this post, I started reading LJ at almost 11pm. Then I played the required solitaire until 1am, and read the last section of Wednesday's paper and yesterday's paper until 5am. I read in bed until 7:30am and set the alarm to 2pm. I had lots of pain during the night, so I had the med, turned off the alarm and got up at 5pm.

I'm now seeing that the WashPost and NBC4 both say 90s until next Friday, but gives Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday as high 80s. All three note Code Orange today and tomorrow. I'm now expecting to do the things I have to do really early in the morning, so waking so late today isn't that much of a problem.

coyotegoth gave out this page with instructions to knit boobs for women who've had mastectomies. This is the crochet version although it doesn't include stuffing the fake boob with polyfill, so you might want to read the knit version first and then apply the crochet to the whole pattern.

This is a fascinating article about a triple agent in Afghanistan. How he didn't really want to be a suicide bomber and tried to back out, but then couldn't. Very engrossing.
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