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Large Fat Bruise

I watched a bit of TV last night and got through all but one section of the paper. I read a bit more of the book starting at 3am and was so sleepy I had to stop at 4am. I already had the alarm set to 1pm so I left it there and got up then.

I took one of my tote bags because I wanted something safer than my hand to hold the wrist BP machine, and if I had that, I could bring part of the paper, and then my reading glasses. The four-week labs were fine and I walked back to the front and told one of the check-in people that I was seeing Gracie. I don't have to pay co-pay for that, and I just headed back to that waiting area. But I stopped on the way and got another banana. I'd buy some myself but I know I'd never eat them and I'd have to throw them away. Well, Gracie must not have had anybody there then, because she opened the door to bring me in and laughed at the last bite of banana. My weight is still 280 and we used her manual and electronic machines and my wrist machine to check BP. They were all within five points, so we at least know mine is accurate. Doesn't say anything about the irregular heartbeat.

I took the bandaid off the stick area -- I always take the bandaid or people wrap off when I get to the van and this was the same amount of time -- and then went back to the inside of the labs. I had a giant purple bruise across the inside of my elbow. I just wanted to make sure it wouldn't hurt me, but I got a lecture about taking the bandaid off. She put some gauze and people wrap on and told me to leave it for a while. I did, and it's now just dark purple across that elbow.

I went to get money for next week at the ATM and stopped for a cone at Nathan's on the way home. Peapod was coming 7:30-9:30 and I was so tired and sleepy that I set the alarm for 7pm and went to sleep at 4:30pm. I got up and online and he showed up about 8:30pm. I rearranged the freezer, which I knew I had to do, so everything would fit. I also managed to get the newer packages in the back.

My primary emailed me to let me know that the cyst is the exact same size as it was two years ago, which is good.

In times like this, I check, the WashPost, and NBC4 for weather. Today, said it would only be 90 or more on Saturday and Tuesday to Thursday. The Post says they'll all be 90s. I should get the NBC4 in about half an hour. It'd be nice to have days that aren't 90s because then I don't have to stay up so I can do things early in the day.

I know some of you will like to see a topless Gwyneth Paltrow.

This is an amazing graphic (and article) that shows how the Supreme Court Justices align.
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