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Spin by Robert Charles Wilson

I pulled this from further down the pile when PNH urged folks on Making Light to read it. There were some editing errors (one is possibly from being reset by SFBC), but I may be the only one to notice those.

Suddenly, our planet has a barrier around it. We learn through scientific means that time is passing much faster outside. We make Mars fertile (the barrier is selectively permeable) and plant a colony there. Just as Mars is beginning to get its own barrier, a Martian travels to the Earth.

Like any decent book, there's intrigue, deception, and surprises (some of which I didn't foresee, so very good surprises). It has a framing story which annoyed me until I got into it. I haven't read any other books published in 2005, so I can't say whether this should be nominated/voted for Hugo, but it's not the best of the books I've read in the last year. It's still a good book.
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