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Lots of Walking

Last night I watched TV and then read the paper. I got to bed to read the book I'd stopped when I got The Help and realized at 5am that I had to get up at noon to get to HMO imaging on time. So I reset the clock and was just up for a bit, then out. There was a big accident on the other side while I went up our main road -- a work van that had run into a steel barrier -- then on I-66, there was a trailer truck and two small cars accident that completely stopped my direction. Fortunately, I got off before I hit that.

I had the CT as soon as I got there -- there wasn't anybody else in the waiting room. I put my wallet, keys, and phone on the counter and got into the bed. The kidney CTs go very quickly. My nephrologist saw a little cyst two years ago and sent me to a surgeon who said he expected it to be fine, but to redo it in two years. The doctors get to look at it tomorrow.

Then I headed back on I-66, getting off at the area where my HMO rheumatologist is, and I picked up the form for new narcotics. I'd emailed them asking for it on Thursday and didn't hear back. Usually they fax it to the pharmacy in another building (one that is all our HMO). I drove to the other clinic (where there's so much problem with parking that they have free, no tip valets), handed in the form and when my name came up on the screen, went to get it. Then I moved a bit off the way home and ate at Joe's Crab Shack. A friend in Tucson likes theirs and I liked this one, but almost all their meals were almost all protein. I'd have to take a seventh of the leftovers and put them each in the freezer. So I had a classic Cobb with snow crab.

At this point, I was wondering if I could really manage to get from parking to Radio Shack. My digital thermometer showed me a dead battery icon the last time I wanted to use it, so I wanted a new battery. There's no handicapped spots near the curb cut near the Radio Shack, so I parked as close to the curb cut as I could and held onto brick columns and trash cans to get inside. I gave the assistant the old battery, and she had trouble. We had to wait until the supervisor was on hold and she was able to tell her which battery to sell me.

I picked up mail on the way home and considered going right to bed, but I think I'll stay up a bit longer. I have an appointment tomorrow with my primary doctor's clinical assistant and I'm supposed to bring my wrist BP. In the last week, four times it's shown irregular heart beat, which I haven't had before, and some were too low. I already planned four-week labs for tomorrow, and Peapod will be here sometime after 4:30pm (I can check in the morning and it will give me two hours of the five I set up for, and those are usually the last). Another long day. Fortunately, I don't have anything to do Friday to Sunday, at least, so I can stay home while it's more than 90F outside.
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