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When my brother Rick called last week to set up lunch for Saturday, he said he didn't want to go to the same restaurant again (I've never had us go to the same restaurant) and I didn't ask why. So Friday I used Google Maps to make a list of restaurants in the area. When they got here, I asked and Rick didn't like the sports bar atmosphere.

So I have this list and I haven't been to a few of the restaurants and I decided to try O'Meara's today. It's owned by former Redskin Mike O'Meara -- former Redskins tend to get car dealerships or restaurants -- and I had been there when it was O'Brien's, another former Redskin. Back then, it was a nice lunch place.

The new restaurant is separated into a "pub" with high tables and chairs, and a tablecloth restaurant. Except the tableclothes were covered by paper -- the kind you buy on rolls and tear off. That annoyed me. If you don't want your lunch customers to actually use the tableclothes, put a lunch tablecloth on top.

I had potstickers and potato soup plus the waitress brought a complementary dessert -- a brownie that was more like cake with a puff of whipped cream and raspberry sauce. It was all fine, but nothing spectacular.

I think it's more expensive than Rick would like and I'm pretty sure there was nothing on the menu my niece would eat (her favorite restaurant is Taco Bell), so it comes off the list.
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