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Better Than Yesterday

On Sunday, it took me until right before 4am to read the paper, at which point I realized I should have left paper out here earlier. I wanted to finish the book, but I got so sleepy that I had to stop at 6am. Yesterday, I was up at 2pm and checked Saturday's mail. My check was there, so I deposited it at the credit union, and on the way back, I stopped and got a "small vanilla cone" where the "small" is about four inches above the cone. We had some little birds flying around looking for stuff to eat.

I went on to the grocery store and almost left the cashier without my bag. I put it in the back of the van, picked up Monday's mail, and on the way home I suddenly became completely soaked. It wasn't that hot outside or in the van, but I did turn the AC on. I came in and put most of what was in the bag into the fridge and freezer and went to sit in the recliner. I decided I'd read one of the paper sections while I relaxed, but I couldn't read the words. This was just before 5pm and I went down to the bed, took the soaked clothes off, and got in bed, partially covered. The next five minutes moved me to all the way under the covers and I went directly to sleep. My phone rang at 7:30pm so I would take the meds, and I got up and checked one of the books in my headboard and that was okay. My hair was still wet, but the rest of me was dry.

I signed on just to make sure I didn't have important mail and then went to the recliner to watch a couple of shows. Spirit was very unhappy because the computer was on the pillow and she thought she didn't have room. I kept pointing her to the two places that would be good, but she went back to bed. I finished reading Sunday's paper and read all of Monday's and then went to bed at 1:30am. I only got a bit more of the book read even though I stopped reading at 6am. I just kept trying and falling asleep. The cats played with two sparkle balls and Loki actually played with his! Junie has been dropping balls in my slippers and a few days ago, there was one in their water bowl. Well, today, another ball in water. I smushed it in a towel and left it on the counter.

I went to sleep at 6am and got up at 2pm, feeling a lot better. I sat up out here and read the rest of the book, checked the temp -- 88F -- to make sure I could go, and headed out.

Two dolphin calves died at the Baltimore Zoo.

The House person in my area is Wolf. I used to vote for him even though he was Republican because he did great things with regional transportation. I haven't voted for him the last few elections, even knowing he would win, but he must be worrying. He wants to get George Washington a federal holiday.
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