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Tomorrow is not July 4th

I got the paper read last night and to bed to read at 1am. I was too sleepy to finish the pages I'd expected and went to sleep at 3:15am. I woke up at 10am, after I could take another dose of narcotics, probably because I hurt so much. I took another dose and instead of getting up at 12pm, it was 3:30pm. I'm still having some problem walking, but not to the point that I'd use my walker.

I went to bed too early to bring the paper in, so I got it after I got up, read the front pages of all the sections, and ordered Peapod to arrive Thursday. They won't come until after 4:30pm, so I can have labs before that. I'm spending about $40 more than usual, and I reviewed the list, but I thought the unusual and expensive things were a good choice, so I didn't change it.

I've been getting masses of spam comment yesterday and today. Too bad I can't kill them directly from email.

In my scheduling yesterday, I thought tomorrow was 7/4 and Kaiser wouldn't be open. I'll go ahead and get groceries tomorrow and see if I'm up for labs. Otherwise I'll get them Thursday.

Martin H. Greenberg died yesterday. I've read and owned a lot of his anthologies.

The Israeli Prime Minister's son posted slams at Muslims and Arabs on his Facebook page.

A couple of old professors (one was a former college president) set up a prostitution ring for elegant men like them.
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