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Lower Temps!

I read half the paper last night during news and then The Voice. Then I watched TV on the computer in the recliner. I started with Franklin & Bash and stopped after 10 minutes. The WashPost TV critic said today "cute-dude lawyers," which is just what I was thinking. (Hank Stuever was not a critic years back, just a general reporter, and we used to email about TV.) So I moved to the first season episode of Memphis Beat, which I really like. I usually do handwork when I watch TV and that's not very likely when I have the computer in my lap; I noticed something I didn't expect. The audio was perfect, but the video was sort of like photos in a fast move. I found out that I read lips when I watch TV, even when I'm doing handwork at the same time. It took me a bit to get to where I could handle the not-quite matched audio and video on the computer.

I finished the paper and got to bed at 12:30am. I had only two sparkle balls and both disappeared in a half-hour. I found the yellow one in the entry to the workroom, but I think the blue one is under something. Junie has been looking at me alternately angry and pitiful. I finished reading at 4am and the paper wasn't here yet, so I went back to sleep. At 4:30am, I wasn't asleep and came back out. I got the paper and then booted up the computer to look at what tomorrow's temperature was supposed to be. It's 89, but Tuesday, the next day I have to do things, is shown as both 89 and 91. I suppose I'll find out in later days. I got back to bed at 6am and then up at 2:30pm.

There's an auction for Joel Rosenberg's family on Tuesday and I just heard about it on Wednesday, wrote someone to get the edress of the auctioneer, which I got yesterday, emailed her and she answered today. I packed up four pieces of jewelry and got them out. I hope they get there in time.

Have you heard of My Plate? The new icon on how to eat properly? Well, the WashPost Food section not only wrote about it, but had a day's recipes for four individuals. They all require too much cooking than I can do.

But today, the WashPost has an article on how the method of losing weight has been wrong for a long time, and gives you ideas (from a Harvard Study).
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