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Days at Home are Not so Fun

Last night I taped a couple of USA shows and it turns out that Comcast now requires me to use their little useless adapter for that. Well, I can watch them on the computer. I read the paper and went to bed to read at 2:15am. I planned to finish at 5am but it was 5:30am and I came out to get the paper, which had the grocery flier, which I read, and then got to bed at 6:30am. I decided to leave the alarm at 1pm, but changed it to 2pm partway through the night. I woke up about 3pm, with the alarm still set, meaning I missed hearing it. I did have my bad ear up.

I've made some appointments, one of which is for Tuesday, which is now supposed to be too hot. I have the three sparkle balls I could find hidden so the cats only play at night when I can see, but Junie still loses them. There are plenty more sparkle balls, but I'd like to wait to get more out until I have the arches at the bottom of the bedroom furniture closed off.

If I stay home because I want to, that's no problem. But being kept in because of the weather is very annoying. I start thinking of things I could go do, but can't.

We've been seeing a lot of dead porpoises and now the deaths have been watched -- young dolphins who are sexually frustrated will kill the porpoises.

Presidential candidate Herman Cain keeps digging deeper. He said he wouldn't have Muslims in his Cabinet because they're not loyal enough to the country. Apparently he's not aware that we have more black Muslims here than Arabic. And what race is he?
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