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Shifting Temps

I watched TV last night, then read the paper except the last section because I kept going to sleep. I got to bed at 2am and read until 4am, and I don't know how that happens -- too sleepy to read in the recliner, but can read more in bed -- but I came out to get the paper and went right to sleep. I got up at 1pm and finished gathering the trash, then took it and the recycling out.

I dropped a letter at the post office and then went to Hard Time Cafe & Cue. They're having Chilimacs at $5.99 on Tuesdays and I like theirs. I like the Texas chili, but it has a lot of meat, so I ask them to put less chili on it and have four-way, without the beans. See the picture in the top right? Double the crosswalk toward the camera and you're at the back of my van, which has always gotten the first handicapped spot there.

I stopped to get mail and was very surprised. I really did pick up mail yesterday, so maybe there was a substitute mailperson because there were just a few things yesterday and today I had lots of catalogs and selling envelopes (only the EOB was worth saving, I'm now in the donut hole and about $1400 until Catastrophic coverage; when I finish June, I expect to be $1K away and I first got $1K in February -- it isn't the coverage, it's a couple really expensive generic meds) and in one of the big boxes were two boxes of books (four total) and a med.

It took me about an hour to go through that and then I carefully took Spirit out of her bed, covered it with a large towel, and washed the cover. After it was in the dryer, I put my robe in the washer, and after the cover was out of the dryer, the robe went in and the towels all around (on her bed, on the ladderback chair, shower towels) and yesterday's clothes, and now they're in the washer. Spirit was clearly worried about being moved around the bed so often, but she's asleep now.

You guys probably know that in a number of Islamic nations, if a woman is raped, she is killed. Some of the Syrian men plan to marry raped women, so they will not only make the revolution, but change that custom.

Remember just a short while back that Gingrich's senior compaign aides all quit? Well, now his finance folk have quit.

And one of the strangest semi-accidents has finished in court.
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