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Badly Projected Temperatures

Last night I watched two shows and then read all the paper except their magazine and comics. I kept dropping my head into my lap. I went back to bed at 4:30am and was able to read until 6am. I set the alarm for 2pm and then Loki moved in to be petted. As I was petting, I found a rather extensive mat and got the scissors from the headboard and carefully cut it off. Like so many stocky mats, when I fluffed what was left, I got another bit of fur that was released from the upper mat so I cut that, too. Shortly later, Junie curled up next to me and above Loki and licked the place where I cut, and then curled up touching Loki. When the food machine went off at 11am, Junie jumped on me on her way off the bed, but Loki didn't go. I woke him up and tried to convince him to go, but he didn't until he heard her eating. He got to the door just as Junie did and they touched noses. Things I've never seen before.

It was supposed to be in the 90s today and tomorrow, but as of this morning, both should be in the 80s. I would have liked to get the physical therapy taken care of. I called, but they don't answer after 4pm. There's only two days this week that are now meant to be in the 90s, and then the forecasts show 80s for the next six days. I wonder how accurate that will be.

John McCain said that there was a lot of evidence that the Arizona fires were started by illegal immigrants. Well, that's not true. And then he tries to make it look right by using wrong references.

We have the first American Girl store in our area and people were camped out the day before to be sure to get in. Some were just looking for a doll ($100) but a lot already had dolls and were looking for accessories. There's even a bistro that handles both girls and dolls. I used to get flyers for them, I don't know why, and it's hard to believe that people would really pay that much.
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