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Groceries on the Wrong Day

I was online later than usual last night and was so tired that I just read the real estate and A section of the paper and then went to bed at 1am and read until 3am. My stomach was grumbling and the book I'm reading is kind of a cookbook so I thought about it. I learned at Lin's yesterday from someone else in the bookgroup that you're not supposed to put meat sauce on spaghetti because it doesn't stick -- you should use butter or oil -- but the book talks about just emptying cans sometimes. So I boiled the rest of my mini fusilli, zapped a small can of tomato sauce and a larger can of southwestern-style corn, and when both were done, mixed them. I didn't add cheese, I'd already had enough protein at lunch. It took 14 minutes to make and turned out very good; I filled three tupperware containers that go right from the freezer to the fridge or the fridge to the microwave. I got to bed at 4am and slept until 1pm.

I read the front pages of all the sections of the paper and then headed to the grocery. I usually buy food on Mondays, but yesterday, all three of the weather things I look at had 90F or higher for tomorrow. Now, two have 89 and one 91. I already called PT on Friday because everybody had 90s back then, and I think I'll just have to call them tomorrow and hope I get a good day. I got groceries and when I got home, saw right down the hall to Junie rolled up in my robe on the bedroom floor. She makes her own beds (currently on top of the crenellations).

I want to watch TV at 9pm, so I may finish online after 11pm.
Tags: eating, errands, junie on floor in robe, reading, sleeping, weather

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