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Halting State by Charles Stross

This book is written in second person and we divided close to half with people who hated that and people who knew what it meant and just read without problems. One of our members knew almost nothing about computers, which we didn't know, or one of us would have explained things to him.

There's several layers of plot in this -- a well-known online game, Avalon 4, has a bank robbed by Orcs, Jack and Elaine are trying to figure out what happened, Sue and Liz are police who are trying to solve the real-life problems, one of which is a tiger team from other countries, and people die. Sue is a lesbian and one of our members was very unhappy about that because she felt there wasn't any need for it. The rest of us shrugged.

It's rather complicated, but I'm one of the folks who didn't really notice the second person and I really enjoyed it. I have the very semi-sequel, Rule 34, on pre-order. Charlie's been running some parts of it on his blog and you can get an idea from there.
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