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Trees and Horses

I read the paper last night and watched the last thing I have on tape -- L&O:CI -- and went to bed to read at 2am and went to sleep at 4am.

I have had, so far, five sparkle balls out and I found three last night (a blue and a green in the entrance to the workroom, where the door is always closed), and a yellow in the middle of a cat hair reef. I'm quite sure there's a purple one under the chest of drawers, which means there's one missing purple ball. If I knew where it was, I might find the Birdies. But maybe not since the balls roll across the laminate instead of just sliding. Junie was very unhappy last night that I didn't play fetch with her, but I really am more comfortable on my right side and I'll have to limit how often I'm on my left side so I can throw. I have plenty of sparkle balls, I just want to see if I can find the Birdies, and not try to move my left arm backwards over my head to get the ball Junie put under my pillow.

I got up at noon and headed to the library for bookgroup. I was at the community room door at 2:18pm and it was still locked. I waited, but nobody came, so I walked to the front and told one of the librarians about it. She said our librarian/fan/leader takes care of that. I've never seen her take care of that; I've seen the woman with the keys take care of that. So I sat down about five minutes before the door was unlocked.

After bookgroup we went to Lin's China Bistro -- I recommended because I was pretty sure everybody had been there before -- and the server was pretty good with eleven adults and two little kids. As usual, I brought most of my food home.

ETA: I forgot to say that Lin's has an entire wall of metal running horses, looking very real for the color, and a giant tree leaning out of a corner. Really amazing stuff.
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