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Long Night, More Sleeping

I was online until about 10:30pm and finished the paper, plus watched a show I had recorded, so I got to bed at 4:30am. I read until 6:30am, but then came to get the paper and read the grocery flyer as well as watching the last 30 minutes of the local news. I heard a bit of Today and then got to bed at 7:30am. I set the alarm for 2pm, but it just wasn't enough sleep; I turned it off and slept until 4:45pm.

I took the trash and recycling out and went to the ATM to get money for next week and planned to get a vanilla cone, but Nathan's was so crowded that there was a long line all around his parking lot. I figure I'll have a Klondike square later or something.

When I got online, the nephrologist said that he had missed the zero and it was <2000mg salt daily. That makes a lot more sense. I got the cat blankies started and was typing an email about 9pm when I couldn't understand the words. It's always been reading words before, so this is a bit new. I went to bed and when my phone beeped for me to take the later meds at 11pm, I got up and took that while watching the late news. I moved the cat blankies to the dryer and put a batch of my clothes in the washer. I think I'll be up a bit late tonight, too, but I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow.

“Only 500 SEALs served in Vietnam. And we’ve met all 20,000 of them,” -- part of an article about people who make fake SEALs public.

The Army has finally let the non-special soldiers get rid of the hot warm berets except during formal events and go back to patrol caps.

Harold Camping, the guy who thought there'd be a Rapture on 5/21, has had a stroke and is having slurred speech. Plus, he's getting a lot of anger from relatives of people who gave him all their money. He says “I don’t have any responsibility, I don’t have responsibility for anybody’s life. I only teach what the Bible says.”

Six more workers at Japan's nuclear power plants are now over the radiation exposure limit.

Mount Rainier has lost 14% of its ice and snow.
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