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Nephrologist Appointment

In the end, I was awake for 30 hours (barring those two hours without power) and went to sleep at 1:30am. I got up at 1pm, so lots of sleep followed lots of awakeness. I hope it's back to normal now. I headed out to the nephrologist appointment and was worried I'd be late -- a right-hand turn is being made at a too-small intersection, which is great, but I had to wait for a bit to use the intersection. Then I stopped for two school buses -- one here, one there. In any case, things are mostly back to near normal and I see him again in three months. I looked at the summary when I got home and saw "<200mg salt daily" and just sent him email. It's always been <2000mg salt daily and I'm pretty sure he just missed a zero.

It was after 4pm so I had dinner at Outback -- side Caesar, Shrimp on the Barbie, and a slice of carrot cake. While the server was near, I asked him if the place had been renovated. He said yes, about five months ago. I was last there three months ago, and I'm pretty sure it hadn't changed at that point. It's no longer Park Australia -- it has a very modern calm art-like look now.

I got a new catalog today -- Serengeti -- that says most of their clothes are for women sizes, too. Well, the sizes may be okay around, but the tops, at least, are all too short. This is what happens when it's a smaller size catalog that just adds on larger sizes. I don't really want to wear a jacket that only goes about an inch above my waist. I really like a lot of the clothes, too -- colors, fabrics, etc. -- and I'm looking at a pair of pants, but I haven't found a top I'd wear.
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