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Not Strep

I got up yesterday at 7pm and had never gotten to sleep, so I got groceries -- first time I used the insolated bag and it really did help -- and had lunch at Lin's. While I was there, the primary's first nurse called me and told me to come in and have a throat culture stat. I told him I was almost done at lunch and I'd come after that. I really dropped by the condo on the way to put the second half of the pork with garlic sauce (with added garlic) into the fridge and take the paper with me -- he said they wanted me to wait for the hour or so it would take to get the results.

Well, I was on the next-to-last page when he called me in, and I don't have strep. But they're running something else that won't come for a couple more days. For now, I'm just supposed to gargle with salt water.

So I came home to do a bit online and then take a nap before I wanted to watch something, and the power went out at 3:45pm. I figured it was a sign -- I called the auto-report for public works and went to bed, setting my alarm for 5:45 -- well, the lights came back on when the alarm went off. (Plus the beeping -- I have a lot of things that beep when power comes back.)

I got to finish the email when I came back, and the answer from my primary's second nurse is that I should have called advice instead of bothering the primary. I wonder if the primary knows she wrote that (most places in Kaiser, the nurse sees the email first and either takes care of it or forwards it to the doctor).

So I had a two-hour nap in the middle of being up for 25 hours. I'm going to watch a show tonight and then go to bed -- I have a nephrology appointment at 3:30pm tomorrow.
Tags: awake almost a day, errands, food, nap, no strep, power out 2 hours, stat labs

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