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Ahhhh, Coolth!

It's supposed to be in the high 80s today, but it's actually in the mid-70s. We had thunderstorms go by a small bit north, not for us directly, and this probably helped.

Last night I finished Thursday's Style section and then read yesterday's paper. I was very pleased to get done at 1:30am and went to bed to read, planning to stop and sleep at 4am. However, large bits of me started hurting and I couldn't have more narcotics for eight hours, but I could have acetaminophen in four hours. So I came out, brought the paper in, marked the TV Week and at 5:30am, was just about done with the grocery list. I took the pills and went straight to bed and to sleep at 6am. When the alarm went off at 1pm, I just turned it off, woke up at 3:45pm, and decided I'll have to go to Lin's China Bistro next week. At least it's all in the 80s next week!

I've been drowsing on and off since I got up, and in just a couple minutes, I'm going to bed. I might skip reading LJ today since I have a paper today and a very large paper tomorrow and I want to finish today's today.
Tags: food, reading, sleeping, weather

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