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Fourth Day of the Heat Wave

Yesterday was 102 in DC and matched the former highest temp from 1847!

I did read the two sections from Wednesday's and all of Thursday's papers last night and I realized that I could probably stay up longer and take the trash & recycling out. First, the tub for recycling was too full, with things falling off, so I brought it into the living room and carefully nested things (I do that anyway) and then tucked them in the tub as tight as I could. When the paper hit the door at about 4am, I went to get it and there was a rather damp box out there. We'd been having thunderstorms, and I guess it came after I got Thursday's paper. I checked online and I could go out before noon.

I read in bed until 6am (5:43am sunrise) then put on the clothes I'm wearing today and got the trash and recycling out, had another McDonald's breakfast (remembered the number), and picked up more mail on the way in. One of the mail pieces was a batch of sparkle balls and boy, Spirit likes those! However, she's lost three of the inch-diameter ones so far. I wish I knew where they are, maybe the birdies would be there. I read a bit more and went to sleep at 10am, setting the alarm for 3pm. I woke up by myself at 2:45pm, so I got up and did the standard "morning" stuff and am now online.

The rheumatologist replied that she'd checked me for lupus last fall and the butterfly rash must be from something else!

The inside phone screen still has a single small circle of water, so it went back into the rice. If it's still there tomorrow, I'll just use it and see what happens.

The US has given Pakistan intel twice recently, and what do you know? The insurgents somehow find out.

Only atheists and Islamists are worse to voters than Mormons.
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