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Third Day of the Heat Wave

We had 99F today with 105 heat index and now we're due a big thunderstorm. It's supposed to make the temp come down tomorrow, but still not below 90F.

I was late enough getting offline that I planned to leave yesterday's paper to read today, but then I remembered that I hadn't had the rehydration fluid, so I read the Food and A sections, leaving the Metro and Style for today. I went to bed to read at 3:30am and read until 6am. I brought the paper in, frustrating Junie because she was sleeping on my robe on the floor and I needed it to go outside (but I did put it back down when I got in), and went to sleep. I set the alarm to 2pm, but was still too sleepy when it went off, so I turned it off and slept until 4pm.

The news has been talking about all the people in the area -- DC especially -- who have heat problems today, many of whom had to go to the hospital. People just don't take the weather guys seriously sometimes.

My phone still has a small circle of water under the screen, so it went back into the rice.

The Supreme Court ruled that fleeing police in a car is a violent crime. Hmmm?

Almost all of Gingrich's senior staff have resigned, but he's still running!

Fifteen percent of the world population is disabled, both mental and physical. In many places, the problems are worsened by poverty.

The book I read recently is about blacks being mistreated by whites. Now, a large batch of Latinos are severely mistreating blacks.

Mexican drug cartels are now using "narco tanks" -- don't they look post-apocalypse?

The Good Mitt, The Bad Mitt.
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